Are you in self-quarantine, away from your loved ones?

How MedicSignal Helps Covid-19 Caregivers

Don’t let them worry about you!
Let them know if you need help before it’s too late. Get an extra layer of safety during your days at home alone

What is Medic Signal?

MedicSignal really is different, it reverses the usual alert process, and gets help when people can’t respond.   It does not rely on you to press a button when you’re incapable.  With MedicSignal, you simply swipe an alarm on your smartphone when you are OK. If you don’t swipe, MedicSignal will notify your caring network with a message and your GPS location. You’ll get help as soon as possible

Why Should I Get MedicSignal?

Getting a Caregiver

MedicSignal eases the “getting a caregiver” process, especially for those living in foreign cities, far from their families. It gives caregivers clear guidance on what’s expected from them – that is, to relax, receive a message, and pass it on to emergency services.

These days, we hear a lot about elderly and infected people going into self-isolation. But what about their caregivers? They assume a lot of responsibility and have concerns of their own. For caregivers, MedicSignal reduces the stress of having to “keep checking in” on their loved one and always worrying that something might be wrong the next time they call. Caregivers also deserve peace of mind.

Secondary Medical Effects

When you’re ill, it’s dangerous to rely on your own willpower, determination, and judgment to call for help before it’s too late. MedicSignal detects unresponsive users. It provides users in self-isolation the opportunity to get help if they can’t call others due to secondary concerns like pneumonia. 
For example, pneumonia occurs with flu-like symptoms and takes many lives. It’s hard to summon the will to call an ambulance if you think you might only have the flu. The “I shouldn’t worry about it” mindset can be extremely dangerous during this difficult time

Easy to use

It can be a lot easier to not swipe an alarm and “sit this one out” than to try and call an ambulance for yourself or try and explain to someone on the phone what’s going on. You deserve to get help when you need it. MedicSignal is the advantage you need.  

Have the right tools in place if you get sick. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Accurate Record Keeping

GPS Enabled

If you have to pop out for your early morning walk, MedicSignal will send your GPS location to your network if you need help.

The right people at the right time

You can choose the person the MedicSignal alert is sent to. Someone you know will help you, no matter what.

24/7 Active

24/7 Cares for you

Why Caregivers Love MedicSignal

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